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Originally established in 1940, as Brink & Moore, LLP, our firm has been built on a solid reputation of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Over time, our dedication to serving our clients at the highest level, yet in an efficient manner that protects their financial well-being, has led to deep client trust and long-lasting relationships.

In 1973, attorney John D. Peterson joined the firm. His emphasis on family law arose in the 1980s when the technology boom created a need for attorneys who understood asset division for high-income employees and executives. This specialized legal counsel remains at the heart of our practice.

Today, the firm is led by John’s son, Doug Peterson and Lauren Walchli, experienced attorneys who are equally dedicated to assisting people with their personal and financial matters through personalized and cost-effective legal counsel and representation.

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At the heart of our firm has always been a desire to serve families and individuals facing some of the most difficult decisions they will make in their lifetime. Over the years, we have further specialized with a focus on family law, and specifically handling the division of complex property and assets, restricted stock units, stock options, and stock appreciation rights of high-income earners, executives, and business owners.

Whether we represent the high-income earner or his or her spouse, we take great care to ensure that all compensation, benefits, and assets are accurately valued and distributed so the case can be resolved equitably and correctly the first time. We also take the time to make sure our clients are well-informed and are able to make sound, objective decisions that serve their best interests and protect their financial well-being.

As a small, boutique firm, we are able to provide individual attention to each of our clients, delivering personalized service in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Expert legal counsel is essential to protecting your assets and personal interests and ensuring all of your affairs are in order. We pride ourselves on delivering the legal advice and representation our clients need, without driving up costs.

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